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Vince Pozzuoli

Vincent Pozzuoli (better know as Vince) comes from a hard-working family that has always valued the opportunities that were given to them.

5 Top Factors That Greatly Influence You Choice Of The Charity To Donate To

Lots of philanthropists like Vincent Pozzuoli take pride in donating to charities worldwide. Everybody has his or her own personal reasons for choosing the charity he donates to. Such reasons play a major role in deciding the type and amount of donation that every individual will eventually offer to his favorite charity.


Money or time


An individual might be more inclined to donate time to certain charities, instead of money. Either way, it does not make any difference to such charities as volunteering is also a very crucial donation. Actually, you can never run an event without a significant amount of such volunteers, and sometimes, they can be truly challenging to get. Money isn’t always the most appropriate solution. If you lack additional funds to spare at this particular moment and still desire to help, volunteering then becomes a great alternative. There are some factors that affect choice when it concerns selecting the charity to donate to. This article takes a close look at some of them.


Personal experience: Individuals frequently donate to particular charities based on their past or present experiences. A traumatic event or illness might have occurred in the past in their lives which, has caused them to look for the assistance of a charity and they just desire to also give something back to the society. In the majority of instances, this is because they feel it was the general society that gave them their past assistance.


Individual interest: This one is quite synonymous with philanthropists like Vince Pozzuoli. Selecting a charity to donate to is frequently based only on the likes and preferences of the donor. To serve as a real example; the owner of a pet might choose to give a donation to a local animal shelter, while a religious individual might choose to give a donation to his local church.


Picture of need: Always, the squeaky wheel ends up getting the oil, so an excellent marketing campaign will certainly affect factors when selecting a charity to donate to.


Popularity: Sometimes, the choice of which charity gets your donation is simply based on the popularity of the charity. It’s a well documented fact that any event that is endorsed or organized by any celebrity will receive a greater chance of being successful.


United means of hedging funds: Several charities are given an operating budget by charitable hedge funds. These hedge funds collect massive corporate donations then spread the profits among several hundred, or even thousands of local charities. Contributions made to such funds on behalf of agencies lose about 46% of the general donation when the charitable hedge funds take their own portion. Some people frequently donate directly so they can avoid this type of surcharges.


  1. Donating to charities is something that’s certainly admirable when you do it, and it also makes the individual that’s donating feel really good about whatever he has accomplished. Volunteering and donating to your favorite charities, just like philanthropist Vincent Pozzuoli does, is not all about the how of doing so, it is mostly about the why of doing it. And what’s the reason? Philanthropists care enough to do so.